What The FSCK is Growth Hacking?

Even though no one quite agrees on exactly what growth hacking exactly is, and that’s a good thing since you’re not going to find a cookie cutter recipe to build sustainable user growth for your product. Things that worked for Facebook won’t be what makes the next big social network overcome them. After all it’s really about innovation, not replication. So while the methods a growth hacker might employ are always going to be different dependent upon your specific goals and userbase, the qualities and techniques of successful growth hackers have a lot in common.

A growth hacker is just a fancy word for internet marketer. As Gary Vaynerchuk said at a keynote he gave last week “Growth hacking is just GET USERS!” that’s the biggest part of growth hacking, building a large influx of new active users. Notice I said active, the second part of growth hacking is to keep your current users engaged and interested in sticking around. Finally your goal should always be to make your users happy. Happy customers share the experience with their friends.

Growth hackers are a unique hybrid of coder and marketer, they don’t have to beg engineering to implement javascript tracking and testing tools or pull up the latest info from the database. With the freedom of being able to do the whole process without barriers and obstacles in the way, successful growth hackers can try a lot of different things really fast. And with good tools, they can measure and analyze what’s working and not working. I’ll be covering these tools in the third article, so make sure to check back or subscribe via email.

I’ll just leave these quotes from the AD:tech growth hacking panel here.

“Growth hacking is a cooler version of product marketing” - Christine Herron, Intel

“Solving problems with data.” - I forget, so I’ll just elaborate on the quote. Always test your assumptions.

“Innovate a non traditional way to make something happen.” - Be bold and creative.

“Changing how your product works to fit with the times.” - Be fast and agile

“Most critical is getting the right people into the funnel.” - … at the right time

“Hack biz dev. Hack marketing. Hack the norm.” - It’s an ethos and mantra that works everywhere.

Personal Note: take better notes.

See you all next week when I share the three magic questions you need to be asking yourself now, always, and forever.

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